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Saturday, December 2nd, and Sunday, December 3rd

The Elk River Classic Basketball Tournament is our organization's main fundraiser.  The proceeds go directly toward improving the program and expanding access to the game for kids in our community.  Volunteering at this event is a fun way to meet families participating in our program.  All games at this year's tournament will be at three venues in Elk River: Salk Middle School, VandenBerge Middle School, and Elk River High School.  

  All volunteers must be 16 years of age or older.  

All families* in the Travel League (except Head Coaches) are required to volunteer six (6) hours during the Elk River Classic Tournament to avoid the travel volunteer check deposit.

* All ERBYB Travel League and House League Scholarship families are required to volunteer twelve (12) hours during the Elk River Classic Tournament.  If you receive a Scholarship, the ERBYB Volunteer Coordinator will assign your Volunteer shifts during the Elk River Classic Tournament.  You will not have the option of choosing your volunteer shifts.


Elk River Classic Tournament Volunteer Details


Greet all guests with "Welcome to Elk River!"

Accept payment for admission with cash, credit card, or check (payable to "ERBYB") and provide correct change.

Answer questions about the bracket, gym locations, concession locations, bathroom locations, etc.

Smile and have fun!


Accept payment for items sold with cash or credit card payments (no checks for concessions!) and provide correct change.  Sorry, no free concessions for volunteers.

Keep a clean work space.

Restock items as needed.

Smile and have fun!


Welcome all teams and coaches with "Welcome to Elk River!"  

Verify coach and team, ensure coaches sign in, and direct team to correct gym.  

Smile and have fun!