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Tryouts/Team Formation

Travel Team Tryout Process 

Evaluations for all ERBYB travel teams will be conducted during one or more sessions.  Subject to the Injured and Sick Player policy set forth below, players who do not attend the full session for all tryout sessions will have an incomplete evaluation, which may lead to that player not being placed on the proper team for his skill level.

Evaluations will consist of a variety of skill assessments and game like play. Two or more independent evaluators and the Travel Director will rank each player based on observations made during the tryout sessions. Individual rankings made by the independent evaluators or the Travel Director will not be shared with the player or parent. Evaluation sessions are closed; parents and spectators will not be allowed into the gyms during evaluations.  Except as approved by the Travel Director, all player fees must be paid prior to evaluations.

Evaluators will be selected by the Travel Director and will be independent.  Those individuals selected as coaches for the upcoming season may attend tryouts to observe their grade level. Their input will not be part of the rankings of the independent evaluators or Travel Director. Coaches for the ERBYB travel teams have been pre-selected and ranked in the event that the results of the evaluations dictate a change in pre-selected coaches.

Results of the evaluations will be posted on the ERBYB website as soon as possible following the tryouts.

Team Formation

Except as approved by the Travel Director in his or her sole discretion, all ERBYB travel teams will consist of a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 10 players.  Teams are formed based upon a combination of the rankings of the independent evaluators and the Travel Director as well as coach selections.  Coach selections take into consideration player development, attitude, balance at necessary positions and skills, team competitiveness and program developmental goals. The guidelines for team selection are as follows:

  • The top 5 ranked players, in each grade, based on independent evaluator and Travel Director combined rankings are automatically placed on the top team for that grade.
  • The coach then selects 3 players to fill the remaining roster spots for an 8-player team. These selections must be made from remaining players who were ranked between 6th and 12th by the evaluators and Travel Director. A coach may add an additional player at the Travel Director's discretion. 
  • After the top team has been set, the top 5 ranked players that remain will automatically be placed on the second team (player skill level and registration numbers will dictate if the second team will consist of 8, 9  or 10 players). The coach of the second team then selects the remaining 3, 4 or 5 players to fill their remaining spots. These selections must be made from remaining players who were ranked between 14th and 21st by the evaluators and the Travel Director.
  • After the second team has been set, the top 5 ranked players that remain will be automatically placed on the third team (player skill level and registration numbers will dictate if the third team will have 8, 9 or 10 players). The coach of the third team then selects 3, 4 or 5 players to fill their remaining spots. These selections must be made from remaining players who were ranked better than 30th by the evaluators and the Travel Director.
  • This process will be repeated as necessary to fill additional teams.

The Travel Director in consultation with the President and coaches will determine whether teams will play an "A" schedule, "B" schedule, "C" schedule or some combination thereof.  This will be determined by, among other things, player registration, skill level, team competitiveness and program developmental goals.  The Travel Director in consultation with the President also reserves the right to form multiple teams at a level and to equally divide two "B" teams or "C" teams in light of player skill, registration numbers, quality and availability of coaches, team competitiveness and program developmental goals.

If a coach for a specific team has not been determined by the time of the team selection, the Travel Director (in consultation with the evaluators in the Travel Director's discretion) will make the selections on behalf of the coach for that team. The Travel Director may consider preferences and direction received from the coach prior to the tryouts when selecting the players for the team.

ERBYB aims to place all players who try out for travel on a team when possible without sacrificing development of players and competitiveness of the teams. There are situations, based on registration numbers and player ability that may require moving some players to the house league.  ERBYB will do our best to communicate this possibility to all families at the time of tryouts. If a player is moved from travel to house, the difference in registration costs will be refunded.

The Travel Director has discretion to move players from one team to another during the middle of the season due to injuries or other unusual circumstances that create roster openings or unbalanced rosters.

Cooling Off Period and Player-Specific Feedback

Following the official posting of teams to the ERBYB website, the ERBYB will observe a cooling off period for the next two days.  During this time, parents should refrain from asking questions or otherwise interacting with ERBYB board members about tryouts or team formation, and ERBYB board members will NOT respond to any questions, feedback, inquiries or other interactions received during the cooling off period.  Following the cooling off period, if requested, ERBYB may provide player-specific feedback about the tryouts.  However, ERBYB will not share any notes from tryouts on other players, including, but not limited to, the other player's ranking, scores received in particular skills or notes and comments from evaluators.

Examples:  If rosters are posted on a Sunday evening, the cooling off period will last all day Monday and all day Tuesday.  If rosters are posted on a Monday morning, the cooling off period will last all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday.

Injured or Sick Player Policy

If a player is unable to participate due to illness or injury, the parent or guardian of the player must contact the Travel Director PRIOR TO the tryout session AND must submit a doctor's note describing the player's condition and limitations. 

If a valid medical reason exists that prevents a player from participation in evaluations, the Travel Director and the President will consider the following items in an effort to place players appropriately within the ERBYB basketball program:

  • The player's post-season rankings from the prior season's coach and Travel Director, as may be updated (in the case of the Travel Director) based on the Travel Director's summer or fall observations of the player.
  • The player's tryout evaluation ranking from the prior season.
  • ERBYB coaches familiar with the player will be consulted to obtain perspective of the player's basketball abilities compared to others at the same age.
  • Feedback from trainers who ran the ERBYB summer skills program during the summer immediately preceding the missed tryout.
  • Others familiar with the player may be consulted to obtain additional perspective, as determined by the Travel Director and the President in their sole discretion.
  • Anticipated recovery timeline.

In circumstances where the player team placement is not clear, the Travel Director may allow a coach to determine whether to place the player on the coach's team at the coach's discretion, provided that the coach provides valid reasons to the Travel Director for such placement.  This will count as a coach selection, if granted.

Pre-Tryout Skills Sessions

If held, skills sessions are recommended but not mandatory. 

2022 Travel Tryout Schedule




Location is at the Elk River High School gymnasium.  See the chart below for the times.

Please arrive AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to your player's scheduled evaluation time to allow for check-in and registration.




4th grade tryouts


10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

5th grade tryouts

8:00 - 9:20 AM

1:00 - 2:30 PM

6th grade tryouts

3:40 - 5:00 PM

8:00 - 9:30 AM

7th grade tryouts

12:40 - 3:10 PM


8th grade tryouts

9:40 AM - 12:10 PM